Tango Workshops with Gianpiero Galdi

and Lorena Tarantino in Zurich Jan 24-26th, 2020!

Gianpiero und Lorena belongs to the raising stars of Tango Argentino scene, regularly invited by the most renowned tango festivals in the world.
The fluidity of their movements combined with a sophisticated while always fresh and witty music interpretation makes them one of the most exiting couple of the moment.

What makes everything looks so smooth and easy is related to an

in-deph knowledge of body mechanics, a thoughtful attention to the connection within the couple combined with a high sensibility and respect for the mood carried by the different tango orchestras.

Gianpiero and Lorena are not only outstanding dancers but also passionate teachers. Giapiero has developed an unique teaching method based on the experience gathered in the many teaching projects he has been initiating in the last 10 years. 

Don't miss this exceptional couple!

Find out more:

 https://tangolive.tv/instructor/gianpiero-y-lorena )

Friday, Jan 24th:
18:30-19:50 - Timing and body awareness in ochos, crosses and giros: effective and clear fundamentals for a smooth dance 


Saturday, Jan 25th:
14:00-15:20 - Rhythmical ideas on Boleos

15:30-16:50 - Continuity in Giros and direction changes


Sunday, Jan 26th:
14:00-15:20 - In&Out of axis to improve dynamic balance

15:30-16:50 - Timing and body awareness in sacadas, barridas, ganchos: how to make simple and comfortable complex dynamics

Location: Kirche Sihlfeld, Brahmsstrasse 100
Prices: 40 per person per workshop, 3 workshops and more 35 pp

Privates are possible upon prior arrangement
Info and registration: marina@lienhardt.es, 0798494440

Milonga La Bruja

Saturday, Jan 25th

Show of Gianpiero and Lorena , Location TBA


Entrance 20.

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Reformierte Kirche Sihlfeld, Brahmsstrasse 100

Info und Anmeldung: tangolab.ch@gmail.com, www.tangolab.ch, Tel.: 079 849 44 40