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Marina Lienhardt​

I have discovered my passion for Tango in the late 90's while living in NY and working as a Physical Therapist. Since then Tango has slowly taken over: I began teaching, performing and dj'ing at various venues both, in the States and Europe.

I love sharing my knowledge as a professionally trained violinist and a PT in guiding my students on their way to Tango and self-discovery. I enjoy the never-ending process of improvement, learning and social interaction that Tango provides. It's uniting body, mind and soul what makes this dance so invaluable in my life.


Marina Lienhardt, Tango Lab Tanzschule Zürich - Marina Lienhardt
Pascal, Tango Lab Tanzschule Zürich - Pascal Krähenbuehl

Pascal Krähenbühl

My passion for dancing began with a yearning and agitation that made me search for holistic, life-fulfilling activities.
For me, tango unites the wordless close connection between two dancers and between the dancers and the music with mindful improvisation and highest precision. I have been dancing ballet for over ten years, which provides me with a solid foundation for general dance technique, body control and elegance. Regular yoga training allows me to give space to the perception of silence and connection and to transcend the trained forms.
I have been working as a tango teacher in Zurich since 2011 (El Social, ASVZ of ETH Zurich, Tangolab).
Additionally, I am  pursuing my academic education to obtain a teaching diploma for economics and law at the UZH.

We dance, teach and explore tango together since 2013.
We explore how to create effortlessness movements, deepen the connection in the couple, enhance the quality of musical interpretation and increase capacity for improvisation.
We accompany our students in their tango discovery and assist in their connecting to themselves while sharing the tango in a harmonious embrace with their partners.

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